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Terms & Conditions of Guaranteed Sold Program

The Seller and Ben Eichorn must both agree to the guaranteed sale price which is based on last comparative sale and adjusted according to condition of said Home to be determined by Ben Eichorn.

The Seller and Ben Eichorn must both agree to Have the House listed 90 days total in MLS Contract, and to the Sellers perform the following: for the first 60 days of the listing to have the house listed above the guaranteed price and if it doesn’t sell after 60 days, to at least list 30 days at the Offered Guaranteed price on MLS. If Seller would get an offer during the listing period for the guaranteed sale price or up to 20% below it and does not accept it, then this Sold Offer Guaranteed is null and void.

This agreement must be signed by both parties listed on the contract before the listing date otherwise this contract and agreement is null and void and there is zero guarantees or offers.

The Seller and Ben Eichorn must both agree that The Guaranteed Sold* is only when the Seller is paying 5% Plus HST Commission to David Eichorn Realty Limited Brokerage. After 90 days as per above condition, if Ben Eichorn cannot sale it as per above, then Ben Eichorn will Buy the House at $ Minus his commission 5% Plus HST with 90 day closing for the Purchase of the house.

If any of the above term are not fully met or performed then there is no guarantee from Ben Eichorn or David Eichorn Realty Limited Brokerage and this Guarantee is null and void.

Our Guaranteed SOLD* program ensures your home sells when you need it to. Many homeowners will struggle to get mortgage approval for a new home without the sale of their existing real estate. Additionally, many people choose our sold program to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often goes hand-in-hand with home selling. With a guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your home will sell.

The purpose of the program is to guarantee the home will be sold, no matter what. For those that need to sell, the guarantee acts as your financial safety net. Most homes sell above the guarantee within the 90 days, which means the guarantee is never needed. In fact, it is very rare that the guarantee is needed. 

Terms & Conditions for Free Repairs, Clean Up and Staging and Helping Seniors Downsize

Both the Seller and Ben Eichorn agree that this offer Free Services is only with a 90 day listing contract.

Both the Seller and Ben Eichorn agree that this offer Free Services is when there is 5% Commission being paid out to David Eichorn Realty Limited.

Both the Seller and Ben Eichorn agree that this offer Free Services is to a maximum amount of $10,000.

This Free Service Offer is only for the work to be performed, Pre Listing not after the house is listed or sold.

This Free Service Offer is to be paid by the Seller first for the services a and then upon successful Sale of the said property, Ben Eichorn will immediately reimburse the Sellers for the complete amount.  

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